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It’s Time to Choose 5 Design as your Go To Option for Apparel and Promotional Printing options!

For personalized products, please let us know and our design team will put together a preliminary folder for you to view. 


We will also schedule a consult if you would like to work with us one on one.

We also specialize in personalization of many items.  If you have a letter or writing of some sort that is special to you, we can “immortalize” it in an engraving or posterize it.


Many people order a special recipe from a grandmother or great grandmother; something that has been passed down for generations or even a simple but special note from mom, we can provide many styles of engravings.


5 Design will also provide specialized products made to order.  We will have to conference with you in order to create the right specialized product, such as a personalized tumbler.  When we conference with you, we will define the specific date your order has to be completed. 

What sets us apart from the rest? 


Of course you’re going to ask this question.  


First, our prices are competitive with the main industry.  We will work with you to provide you with the best quality products at the best price. 


Second, we feature many promotions and giveaways, especially in those areas where you want to provide a service such as events or your next school project.  If you have an event at church, I’m sure you would like to offer or give away some extra items.  


5 Design is “designed” to do this!


 Lastly, as a client, 5 Design, if you are ordering printed apparel, we can provide you with your own website when you work with us.  


What is the advantage to this?


Every time you want to order something, you can access your own site and submit an updated order, you can add to your existing order, upload a new logo or design, send this link out to family and friends who may want to order a T-Shirt or hat for their personal use (if you allow them to!)

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